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xXxholic AU fic Guide

xXxholic AU fic Guide

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        AU xXxholic fic


I have recently realized how hard it must be for people (especially newcomers) to navigate my LJ (and how bad it will get *sweatdrop*) so I've put this together.  A link for all my AU fics and their chronological order.

To get an idea of the main AUs that I have running at the moment, I suggest starting with

A Day With Watanuki

and moving on from there.

On-going AU fanfic series are as follows:

Lord & Prince




Delicious Blood (Vampirebait!Watanuki)

Violent Wind (Windspirit!Watanuki)

Visible Demons (priest & stray)
Visible Demons

Stray Hamaya (Archer!Watanuki)

Unexpected Gift
Out Damn Spot

Soulmates (Chan boys)

Celebrations at Home

Sensitive (Child!Watanuki) COMPLETE
For You
Night Fair
Summer Storm

Hidden Colours

53rd Regiment (Soldier!Doumeki/Sorcerer!Watanuki)
53rd Regiment

Frozen Sanctuary


Holiday Season
Warm Reunion

Empty Gaze (Mentalpatient!Watanuki) COMPLETE
Empty Gaze
Scattered Rice (prequel)
Forever Bound (aftermath)

The Other Side (epilogue)

Cold Dish (Hitman!Doumeki/Angryspirit!Watanuki)
Too Late

A Cold Dish

Mind to Mind (Telepathic!Watanuki)
Uncomfortable Thoughts
Perfect Day
Surface Thoughts
Constructing Corners

Virtual Kissing
Force Feeding

Wandering Thoughts

Thorny Briar (Cranky Nymph!Watanuki/Exorcist!Doumeki)

Supernatural Revolution (Exiled Butterfly!Watanuki)
Torn Velvet

No Time

Shifting Wings
Stained Glass

Fading Glory

Distorted Mirror (exorcist!Watanuki/Spiritbait!Doumeki)
A Professional Clean
Drunken Idiot
Thanks for the Rescue

Unwelcome Guest

Midnight Smile COMPLETE
First Performance
Further Overtures
First Session
Courtship Dance
Slow Seduction
First Night
Connected Threads
Lingering Grief
New Beginnings
Close Accommodation
Unfolding Love

Glass, Light & Water

Eye & Hand (World War II)

Sleeping Serpents (Yakuza leader!Doumeki)
Glass Fist

Brass Wings (Steam Punk)

Black Bargain (Demon!Watanuki)

Blood Shadow
Broken Wings

Grey Shades (Post-Egg Usage)

Run, Fold & Fall

Current Stand-alones

Air Hitsuzen (steward!Watanuki)

Planting Season (farmer!Watanuki)

Rapunzel (Practical!Princess Doumeki/flailing!cook!Prince Watanuki)

Safe Haven

Easy Fare (taxidriver!Doumeki/eccentricfare!Watanuki)

Alice (Alice!Watanuki)

Broken String (servant boys - prequel to Wine & Comfort)

A lot more will be added on in the future, so hopefully this will keep the confusion down to a minimum.  If you have any further problems with navigation, please tell me and I will endeavour to fix the problem.
  • Whoa... I leave to work on a manuscript and you EXPLODE with stories!
    - Thank you so much for this master page. I love-love-love reading your AU Watanukis.

    Btw - the link for "Frozen Sanctuary" leads to "Reciprocation". I was determined to read it so I hunted it down through the other links.
  • Huh. I should make me one of these. >.> It's a good idea.

    Also, I had not been aware that Masqued Intentions was set so far ahead of the others. That would explain so much. XD

    By the way, Twisted Gold and Insubstantial Dreams both lead to the latter - they're one link.

    Edited at 2007-12-25 00:05 (UTC)
    • When you find it takes too long to find things on your own LJ, it's time :D

      Sad isn't it :) We've got a long way to go before we get to the aftermath of that masque :D

      Thanks! I have no idea how it happened but it's fixed now. I really should have double check them all earlier >.>

  • OMG! I've stumbled onto a gold mine! Thanks for sharing the treausures!

    *rubs the eyes* I still can't believe myself...

    Those are actually hazardous as well as addicting to my poor poor mind! ;P
    • LOL. You are most welcome.

      XD Oh don't worry there's lots more to come XD

      Well, as long as you enjoy it, it can't be that bad, can it? ;D
  • I finally found LORD AND PRINCE *headdesk*
    It took me a few days... >o>
    urgh... I was like: I remember reading a fic about watanuki and doumeki and some one woman name Halstead (sp?)*hunts for it*

    haha~ Thanks for sharing all these~~ <333
    You will now recieve key smash-y and fangirl-y comments~ :'D

    • Not on my lj I hope *sweatdrop*
      That's Painted Fate, the last in the Supernatural Entanglements arc.

      Not a problem! I look forward to it XD
  • My god. Thank you. I'm always utterly at loss here on LJ ;_; I'm only beginning to understand how to navigate *headdesk* but this made thing a LOT easier.

    So, I decided to read it all. (I loooove AUs X3) Nearly finished. I had no life for two days <3 and it was WORTH IT. So now I'm going to re-read everything. And review ^^
    • LOL. I don't have very good tags (the cost of my layout, alas) so I figured a master listing would help. I'm glad to see it does :)

      All of it XD I'm glad you like AUs - they make up most of what I write XD LOL. Re-reading too XD I'm glad you're enjoying it all.
  • I've read everyone of your xxxholic fanfics on fanfiction.net and yet I feel horrible because I've never taken the time to actually read your profile. Glad I did after so long. So there are so many stories you didn't post on fanficiton.net huh?
    • Don't be. I didn't have all the links up until recently, anyway XD Search, and you will find :D I find LJ easier to use and I don't like having unfinished stories at ff.net. *shrug*
  • Lurker here.

    Erm, I've been trying to find a story arc [sidestory?] in your Lord & Prince AU series and I seem to can't find it anywhere.

    It is set sometime after Black Widow and it is when Prince Doumeki sees Lady Dexter at an archery meet. Um, there was a part where Doumeki escorts Lady Dexter to the target-y place in order to see her relative/niece.

    So do you know where that is? [Oh yeah, you are a freakin' amazing writer and I get all fangirl-y when you update. It's not even funny when I make those squeals. Thanks for writing!!]
    • Hello :D

      You've come to the right place ;D

      No problem. That's Loosed Arrow. Second in the Entwining Fates arc (link up above).

      XDDD Thank you! I'm glad that you're enjoying my work :D LOL. I can almost imagine them XD You're welcome :)

  • Yay stories! I loved a Day with Watanuki and am enjoying the spinoffs. My favorites so far (which I admit to reading first) are soulmates and child!wata. I am curious how up-to-date this list is. Should I be trolling your journal for more?

    Also, out of curiousity what does the m in more lead to? Is it supposed to be a link?
    • XD I'm glad to hear it :) I hope that you'll enjoy the others as well. Seconds-after-I've-posted up to date. There might be one or more pieces I've missed, but aside from my canon fics, it's all here.

      It's a link for me. Don't wory about it.
  • OMG...If I had known earlier that there were more of your fics (canon and AU alike) here, I would have started stalking you in livejournal earlier! Damn it! I've been waiting for the rest of your fics in fanfiction.net...and they're all here! Man...so many fics...I think I've gone to 104 heaven...*does happy 104 dance* Gah, I have to start reading if I want to finish all of these...*grumbles: you should update in fanfiction.net too...*

    In any case, thanks so much for all the wonderful 104 fics! I love your works to death XD Now...fic-reading time!

    Thanks again for the awesomeness fics!!!

    crimsonrosepetals (fanfiction.net name)
    perfectionfades (livejournal name) *visit me if you can sometimes...I'm friendless in lj :(*
    • XD Oh well, it just means you get a lot at once. LJ's easier - I can link things up chronologically later. Well, I do have links from my profile there.

      LOL. Take your time - they're not going to go anywhere. *shrug* If people want more, they'll come and look for it.

      You're welcome. XD Enjoy!

      Not a problem ;)

      I'll drop in some time.
  • Ah dammit. Yeah, I know you're probably annoyed with all of the comments I've been leaving around now. But. I can't help it XP Argh...*sigh* I think I'm going to have to start on everything all over again...curse you for writing so well and so beautifully and so perfectly...Grrrr...and curse this pair too...or not.

    Seriously though. I'm going to start from the very beginning again...just because...that's how much I love your fics :D

    Be prepared for more comments though XD

    Sorry if they end up flooding your email.
    • No, you're fine. LOL. *amused* I'll take that as a compliment.

      XD I hiopr you enjoy them as much the second time around.

      I am XD

      Don't worry, they shouldn't XD
  • So, I'm re-reading all your stuff. I started with the canon things, and now I'm working my way through the AU's (and saving Lord & Prince for last, since it's the biggest and most intricate).

    Anyway, your restaurant!Watanuki links both lead to the same fic, "Holiday Seasons". Just thought you should know!
  • Why have I not read any of these amazingness before? I am a certified fan just reading a few of these. Will studiously go over each and every fic tomorrow. Lol. Am loving the Lord series. ^_^
    • Maybe because I'd gone quiet for a while? Just from that? XD Hahaha. Enjoy! I'm really happy to hear that! :D
  • this compilation just made me realize how much your story has grown since it started. O_O it is completely Epic♥.

    *heads off to read flesh & fur*
    • It's ridiculously huge, isn't it? But as long as you're enjoying it, that's okay XD

      Enjoy :D
  • I just finished rereading all of your stories (it took 3 days) and i must say how utterly amazed i am with your talent as a writer. This AU guide was extremely useful. My favorite of your AU's are the Lord and Prince verse but I was sorry to see that there weren't more of the 'priest & stray' and 53rd Regiment stories. In any case i just wanted to say that you are a amazing writer and i cant wait to see more of your work.
    • I commend your perseverance XD Thank you, I'm constantly trying to imporve :) I'm glad to hear it :D Yay! It works! XD. Some of the Watanukis tend to be easier to write than others. I do intend to post more of them, though, so there should be more in the future. Thank you :D That shouldn't be too long XD
  • Just thought i should tell you i love your work!!
    atm i am completely hooked on supernatural engagements and you can expect a lengthy review at some point from me (though under a different name as i will be comenting from fanfiction.net).
    Well keep it up and this page is a real life saver! im not very good at navigating lj so you just saved me a load of trouble and headaches!!!!
  • O_O

    Wow you're such a prolifc author. Mades me happy to have so many fics to read~~ >_<// so happy here I love all the Supernatural Entaglements AU, it's just like a well done fantasy book, you have built the world and the story with so many details. It's a joy read it ^^ You have done so many research, you have all my respect Wow I'm so happy I have so many things to read T_T mind if I add you? lot of love~
    • Re: O_O

      You don't know the half of it XD I hope you enjoy them. :D It does seem to be heading that way XD I'm glad you like it :) I enjoy it ;) LOL. Enjoy! Not at all, go ahead. See you round :).
  • Just been reading through Midnight Smile and the links for First Night are coming up with a '403 Forbidden' page...
  • You know what? If I had to list the best fics I've read, fandom aside, the two top spots would be yours. Just thought you ought to know.

    can I friend you?
  • Hello, Flakedice. I've been in love with your stories ever since the first time I've read it. I am willing to say that you are one of the best - if not THE best - DouWata fanfiction writers. You have great talent in writing complicated plots. I especially love your Lord & Prince verse. The characterisation of Watanuki and Doumeki is spot on! I've got to say: Thank you for sharing your stories with us DouWata fans! ^^

    PS: Can I friend you?
    • Hello :) Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying them. Ahaha, thanks. If you do anything long enough, you tend to get better at it :) I must confess a certain amount of fondness for it myself ;D Thanks :D The pleasure's all mine ;D

      Of course, go ahead :)
  • update

    i love every story especially lord watanuki and prince doumeki but r u going to update anytime soon?
  • I absolutly love almost all of your AUs. Some are too angst-filled for me, but I read them anyway. I was also wondering about First Night in Midnight Smile. I think the link is broken and didn't want to read ahead. Is there any chance of fixing that.

    Oncce again I want to tell you your writing is wonderful and look forward to more in all the stories especially in the Lord & Prince AU.
    • Thanks. I'm glad to hear that ;D I tend to like a dark undercurrent in most of my work - I'm glad you tried some of the darker stuff even if they weren't your cup of tea. It's not broken, just locked. If you read ahead, you're not going to miss anything.

      I'm glad you're enjoying it and hope you continue to do so.
  • Hello. I just recently stumbled upon your lj and I have to say I bow down and worship your fics. My obsession for CLAMP (specifically DouWata) can't seem to be sated at FF.net and I'm thankful i managed to find these. Masqued Intentions got me hooked and giggling like the fangirl I am.

    I absolutely love your descriptive style in writing and go 'awwww' at you AU Doumekis and Watanukis. My favorite would be 53rd Regiment and Prince and Lord(I'm mostly halfway done now. I've stayed up for two nights now because I just cant stop reading!) so I was wondering if there would be a next installment for either. I just want to say I'm eagerly waiting for it.

    Also, I was wondering if I was the only one having trouble (because I'm online on my phone) but there are some links I can't seem to open. It just says 403 Forbidden and I cant access it. I really do hope the problem(if there is one) can be fixed because I truly want to read everything. I'll try to leave a review on what I read, but I tend to be the type to rush to the next chapter so forgive me if I'm a ghost reader. Many thanks for these wonderful fics. And I do hope to read more from you.

    P.S. I feel self-conscious now. Excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes. English isn't my native language. XP
  • The link for "First Night" under the Midnight Smile series isn't working. Just fyi.
  • Can't open First Night D:
    (Access denied...)
    ILY, have my second born~ xD
  • You made me into a DouWata fangirl. XD (I wasn't that much of a fan before, but one of my friends found this page, dragged me over, and BAM.)

    You've also made me into an AU fangirl (this is quite an accomplishment XD) - I used to dislike reading/writing AUs because I felt they didn't stay true to the characters and most times, the worlds/characters were not well developped; yours, on the other hand, are AMAZING. I think after reading, my brain spawned about a dozen plot bunnies for AUs that I could potentially look into writing.

    I've been reading all of these slowly, spaced over about a week, and now I'm done everything but Lord&Prince (which I will start soon! =D)

    My faves are probably Sleeping Snakes and Black Bargain, although I'm quite curious about the circumstances in 53rd Regiment and Supernatural Revolution - and Midnight Smile was just lovely.

    Er, that was a rather long and pointless review XD but since I spent so much time reading, I just wanted to say I enjoy all of your work!

    PS, on a nearly unrelated note, why IS the DouWata pairing sometimes referred to as Donuts or 104? I've never understood that .. XD'
    • I trust that wasn't hard XD (Ahahaha. Excellent. Welcome into the fold, my dear XD).

      Keeping them in character while throwing them into entirely different circumstances, is a challenge. But that's part of the fun. I like to explore nature vs nuture and AUs give me the chance to do that while creating all sorts of fun cultures XD Beware, beware. Once you write one, they multiply. I've got even more than this ^^;;

      It's all over too soon, isn't it? XD *amused* But Lord & Prince should keep you busy for a while XD

      Interesting choices. I can see you like the darker ones (not that I can talk XD). 53rd and SR, both of them have rather long story lines that I've been trying not to get drawn too deeply into XD Though I'll get back to them at some point ^^;; Thanks :D I worked really hard on Midnight Smile.

      Not pointless. If you take the time and effort to do something, it's never pointless. I appreciate that you dropped in to tell me :D it's always nice to hear that people enjoy my work :)

      We have a very clever fandom. Doumeki + Watanuki = Donuts XD And of course, the original 104 is similar in origin. Doumeki is literally 'Hundred Eyed Demon' so we get the 100 from him. And Watanuki is the first of April so we get 1/04 from him. Put Doumeki and Watanuki together and it's 104 :D
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