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Midnight Smile: First Performance I-V

Midnight Smile: First Performance I-V

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An xXxholic fic

Title: Midnight Smile: First Performance I-V
Pairing: Doumeki/Watanuki
Rating: PG (for the moment :)
Warning: Basically a romance :O  So no complicated plots, evil villains, nothing but love (@!# and #$^&%!@ :3)  Okay, there might be a little bit of plot, a sliver of evil XD
Comment: AU (Midnight Smile).  Story in drabble form (yay!)
Summary: Doumeki doesn't care for the performing arts.  Until he sees a performance that he will never forget :D

AN: I have something special for you all.  I’m pleased to present an AU I’ve been working on for a long time.

When Iambic's Christmas goodies came out in ’07, I got the idea for a 104 series of drabbles.  A story told entirely in drabbles.  The idea was so enticing I had to write one - just to see if I could manage drabbles of 104 words and keep it up :D  (There was also the added bonus that I could write as many as I wanted without a big word count XD)  All I had to do was find an appropriate plot to fit in with a format where every word is important.  *slow smile* That didn’t take me long to figure out, at all even if finishing it did XD.  Choice made, I then started lovingly composing drabbles for the next year or so, in the time I had spare, indulging in some of my favourite aspects of Japanese culture and imagery.

So here we are.  I now give you the entire Midnight Smile AU.  Sit back, get some coffee or tea or wine XD and have a nice slow read.  And most of all, enjoy :D

Hmmm…maybe I should have made that 104 words XD

Midnight Smile:

First Performance: I-V

I: First Glance

Doumeki didn’t know why he was here.

It was customary to attend some sort of social event while sealing a business deal.  It happened to be mere chance that Nagano was interested in the performing arts.  Before Doumeki knew what was happening, he found himself seated in the audience of a theatre.

While Doumeki appreciated tradition, colourful costumes and melodramatic speeches didn’t appeal to him.  It wasn’t until a supporting character came onto stage that it happened.  The onnagata (1) chanced to glance out into the audience and their eyes met for one split world-altering second.

And Doumeki suddenly realized why theatre was so popular.

II: Painted Face

Doumeki watched the actor for the rest of the performance.

The story that was unfolding on the stage was forgotten.  The vividly-coloured costumes of the leads, the pompous speeches and dramatic music – it all faded into the background.  Instead there was only a pale face, painted white with black paint emphasizing the dark blue eyes that broadcasted a range of emotions like twin mirrors.

Despite the concealing paint, the man’s emotions were conveyed perfectly.  As if, even through a mask, the vibrant personality beneath could not be concealed.  

Doumeki watched every move, every expression.  He wanted to know who was under that painted face.

III: Slender Beauty

Doumeki was eager to see more.

When Nagano suggested that they attend the post-performance festivities, he was pleasantly surprised to receive an agreement.  Soon they were standing in the theatre foyer, part of the sombrely-dressed crowd that surrounded the actors.

Doumeki’s player stood slightly to the side.  Hands clasped in front of him, quietly conversing with those around him.  The bright colours of his costume and the paint on his face casting him a slender pale beauty, highlighted by graceful silk.  Obediently standing apart.

Doumeki watched him.  Seeing the older men who had come close to talk and smile, eyes holding dark suggestive glints.

IV: Veiled Frustration

As the gathering wore on it became clear that the onnagata’s appearance was deceiving.  While he was courteous, slight changes of expression and moments of jarring body language suggested he was uncomfortable with the situation.

His eyes suddenly rose, meeting Doumeki’s across the room.  A brilliant flash of hidden frustration and dread that faded as their eyes locked.  It was only for a second and then it vanished as his eyes turned away.  Their gazes didn’t meet again but Doumeki was certain that the player had felt the power of that moment as well.

The actor didn’t belong here any more than Doumeki did.

V: Closer Inspection

There were introductions and bows all round as the men were brought to meet the performers.  Unlike Nagano, Doumeki was uninterested in the leads and listened for the name of his player.

Watanuki Kimihiro.

No one else seemed interested in a supporting performer but Doumeki found him more fascinating at close quarters.  He kept his eyes lowered, quiet in the company that surrounded him.  Except for one or two glances at Doumeki from under his lowered lashes.  Cautious, assessing stares.

Doumeki pretended not to notice, allowing him the illusion of secrecy.  Pleased to see that the vultures that had surrounded him were now gone.

VI: Whispered Words

Their audience was brief; they had only a few minutes and then the cast was guided to another group.  Doumeki barely said a word, eyes fixed on Watanuki.

He had been silent, but Doumeki had seen the lightening quick changes of expression as the man struggled with something.  A choice to make.

The dark blue eyes suddenly slid sideways, a spilt-second flash as the man walked past him.  “Ochaya Ichihara.”  It was barely a whisper.

But Doumeki had heard it and kept the words in his mind as he watched the slender player disappear into the crowd once more.  He would see Watanuki again.


1) Onnagata 女方 (also Oyama 女形) are kabuki actors who play women’s roles.


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